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Become a Victor Designer

Are you an innovative and creative clothing designer that is constantly looking to push the boundaries? Well, by joining the design team at The Victor Closet, you will get the opportunity to create unique designs for a brand that specializes in avant-garde streetwear.
As a Victor designer, you will be designing pieces of attire that are not only attractive to the eye, but also give wearers a sense of identity and confidence. We have an in-depth knowledge of men’s fashion, and we go above and beyond to break barriers. Regardless of age and body type, our mission is to empower men, giving them an outfit for any event or occasion.


We want our designers to step outside the box and create clothing that is daring and a ‘little out there’. As part of our team, we want you to understand that outfits can be statement pieces as well as lavish wear. Help us create clothing that reflects the personalities of our customers. We work together to create a unique brand, and now you can add your creative flair to our house.
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