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About Victor

The House of Victor is an all-rounder and exquisite brand in luxury fashion for both: Men and Women. With unique, unconventional and daring designs for the unabashed gentleman and the sophisticated woman. Founded by two creative and business savvy partners, with backgrounds in the fashion, finance and legal realms, together they joined forces to provide a platform for the world, with a new perspective and introducing avant-garde streetwear that can be worn anywhere.

The concept found us, after we realized that there was a need to adapt attire that has a blend of everything: avant-garde, class, opulence and street glam, that can be made into an everyday wear. After watching and speaking to many men and women from different walks of life during our travels around the world, you see how clothing affects people and the much-needed confidence it can bring. Especially to you…as our cherished wearer.

Who is Victor?

Who is victor? That is a very good question. We are a personification of new, untried ideas that emphasize confidence and strength while displaying fashion forwardness. Regardless of your body type, victor caters to all women and men coming from all walks of life. Our main aim, is to keep you empowered when wearing our clothes and allow our brand to speak for you.

We believe that outfits aren’t just garments, but have personalities that reflect the identity of our wearer.


Every part of the House of Victor shopping experience has been tailored with grandeur, class and unconventional designs in mind. Knowing that trends continue to evolve, we like to be a step ahead of the curve when it comes to menswear. We want our attire to be seen as a quality, an attitude and a statement that needs no introduction. We go above and beyond to create styles that cater to the fashion-forward thinkers.

The clothes you wear reflect your mood, style, and personality, but they need to feel good as well as look the part. At The House of Victor, every garment we sell is tailored using materials of the highest quality and give our consumers an experience they can’t forget. From detail-oriented stitching to exceptional designs…. we are a brand who can do it all. As the saying goes: Once you go Victor, there’s no way out. And its all for a good reason, obviously! With the House of Victor, you can be who you want to be.

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